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Oil & Gas

Heffield partners with global organisations to supply service equipment and replacement parts to the Oil and Gas industry in Africa. Heffield provides equipment services to companies engaged in oil and gas related services on a contract basis, such as catering, cleaning, testing, erecting, repairing and dismantling oil and gas field rigs and derricks, as well as pipeline related services. Heffield also supports companies providing exploration related operations, such as geological surveying and mapping.


Heffield is involved in the supply of materials, equipment, and services required to deliver infrastructure projects. This includes the supply and servicing of heavy equipment and materials required in the development of railways, transportation services, real estate and highway construction, water and sewage, power plants, renewable energy projects and telecommunications infrastructure. Heffield partners with the world’s leading equipment manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers to provide an unparalleled service.

Hotels and Leisure

Heffield develops unique products that make great hotels stand out. Heffield specialises in supplying branded luxurious toiletries and products to soothe and revive hotel guests of all persuasions as well as functional amenities such as pressing irons, kettles, cutlery, crockery, and furniture. We take pride in supplying guest amenities to luxury hotels and leisure establishments with a discerning clientele including spas and recreational centres.


Heffield represents and develops markets for a number of manufacturing industries globally. Heffield acts as a reseller for manufacturing brands seeking to expand into Africa without making the often heavy investment in personnel and infrastructure required. Heffield also advises manufacturers on how best to present their products to local markets to ensure uptake and growth.


Heffield works with a broad range of technology companies to introduce viable products and services to Africa. These include the development and supply of robust and reliable hand held devices, office equipment and household devices. Heffield also specialises in the development and marketing of business and commercial software applications in the industrial and retail sectors. Heffield has a team of experts focused on helping businesses develop technology led solutions that create and add value in diverse ways for the organisation’s customers.

Renewable Energy

Heffield has been involved in the renewable energy industry for a number of years. Heffield specialises in the build, installation and operation of large renewable energy plants. Our expertise includes Biofuel technologies, Solar energy, Tidal power, and Wind power. Our business model ensures the delivery of energy at the most competitive rates. Heffield also provides household renewable energy products and services. This includes the supply of industry leading solar batteries and the installation of solar panels. Our installations are delivered to the highest industry standards with some of the most attractive post installation warranty and service packages in the industry.